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Kids Mirror Cute Forest Animals

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Mirror Birds White

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Shelving in the children's room - Sustainable and child-friendly

You are expecting a child? Congratulations! Furnishing a child's room is always something special for parents. The right children's furniture is crucial here, because it should be robust, offer enough storage space and, in the best case, also grow with your child. In this way, you not only support your child's development, but also create an environment that makes them feel good. We want shelves in the children's room that grow with your child and accompany them for many years. Sustainability also plays a major role. All our wall shelves for children's rooms are made in Europe and produced with the most natural materials possible.

In our Tadeino Store, you will find selected and high-quality shelves for children's rooms that fulfil exactly these criteria. We focus on natural fabrics and materials such as wood, linen and cotton.

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Choosing nursery furniture: This is what you should consider

The demand on the resilience of the children's room furniture is high - because the safety of your child comes first. That's why you should pay attention to high-quality material and a clean finish.

In the first few weeks, all you need for your new-born is a baby bed, baby horn or Topponcino and a suitable changing place. In the beginning, your baby will sleep in your immediate vicinity and needs a lot of bonding. Regardless of whether you decide for a baby (side-sleeping) crib, cradle or a Moses basket, it is important to have, for example, cosy linen sheets on which your child can sleep peacefully. When your child gets older, he or she will usually need a small space of their own to play in peace and quiet and later to learn. Here it is important to furnish the children's room in a child-friendly way. With a lot of attention to detail and perhaps one of our products, you can create an ideal well-being environment for playing and learning.


Wall shelves for order in the children's room

Just like mum and dad, your child also needs enough storage space for clothes. At the same time, the children's room should radiate a lot of security and cosiness so that your offspring feel completely at ease. In addition to a friendly and bright design, children's room furniture should also be the ideal height for little hands and legs - so that your little darling can get into his bed without help or can take the toys from the shelf in the children's room independently. With child-friendly shelves, chests of drawers and wardrobes, tidying up isn't so bad anymore. A cute children's mirror not only puts a smile on your darling's face, but also beautifies the nursery. A wooden shelf in the children's room is always ideal, as natural materials have advantages for the room climate and the well-being. Our children's mirror shelf enables your darling to watch themself. They can observe themselves getting dressed or combing their hair and thus supporting their development. The mirror in the children's shelf directly promotes important functions such as balance, motor skills and self-awareness.

Buy high quality nursery furniture at Tadeino

Whether it's a baby set or shelves for toddlers: you'll find the right furniture for your child with us. We want you and your child to be satisfied - that's why at you can return all ordered items to us within 14 days of delivery. Of course, we also offer various payment options and free shipping for orders over 150 CHF. Discover our nursery furniture now and order conveniently online. We wish you and your child lots of fun with it!