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Linen Baby Horn / Swaddle Blanket – Caramel

CHF 89.90

Linen Baby Horn / Swaddle Blanket – Gray

CHF 89.90

Linen Baby Horn / Swaddle Blanket – Light Blue

CHF 89.90

Linen Baby Horn / Swaddle Blanket – Natural

CHF 89.90

Linen Baby Horn / Swaddle Blanket – Pastel Pink

CHF 89.90

Linen Baby Horn / Swaddle Blanket – Teal

CHF 89.90

Baby Bloomers made of organic muselin – petrol

CHF 28.81

Baby Bloomers made of organic muselin – red brown

CHF 28.81

Baby Linen Blanket – Bohem Caramel

CHF 58.90

Baby Linen Blanket – Bohem Gray

CHF 58.90

Baby Linen Blanket – Bohem Navy Blue

CHF 58.90

Baby Linen Blanket – Bohem Red Wine

CHF 58.90

Baby Muslin Diaper 2-Pack – Yellow Mellow

CHF 20.90

Baby sweatshirt with Geese embroidery made of organic cotton – Caramel

CHF 49.99

Baby sweatshirt with Geese embroidery made of organic cotton – Cherry

CHF 49.99

Only the best for the start in life - Our baby essential


You have embarked on a great adventure journey for which you will need baby essentials in your luggage. This adventure trip will change your life and your whole world.

You're expecting a baby or maybe they are already with you. You are going to become parents. Maybe you are expecting your first child. Or maybe you're expecting a sibling.

Every baby means a great adventure and is an enrichment to the family and the world.

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In addition to the anticipation and the question of how your life will change with the baby, questions about baby equipment are certainly circling around in your head.

  • What accessories does a baby need?
  • Where will my baby sleep?
  • What does the baby need in the new home?
  • With which baby essentials can I continue to offer them the security they know?
  • Which items should go in the baby's room?
  • Where is the most practical place for the changing table?
  • What belongs in the travel bag?
  • What about the vials?
  • Are muslin cloths really the best nappies?

With the answers to these and other questions, you can work out your own personal checklist for baby equipment. We will be happy to support you and provide you with baby equipment such as beautiful changing table sets made of linen or high-quality pacifier bags. Especially at the beginning, new parents have to think of so many things, so the right baby equipment should already be complete.

Bonding, security and care for a happy baby

First and foremost, babies need a lot of bonding after birth. Proximity gives them a feeling of security and also gives them the opportunity to mentally mature and grow.

Our wide range of baby equipment is designed to help you give your baby that feeling of security even after birth. Both in moments when you cradle the newborn in your arms and in moments when they lie in the pram or in the cot.

Take a look at our products for baby essentials to complement your first baby clothes:

  • Baby horn and Topponcino for the best possible security outside your arms
  • Baby sheets and bed protectors for a restful sleep
  • Muslin cloth diapers - it can be so much more than a nappy or a burp cloth, e.g. a light summer blanket
  • Fleece and linen blankets for lots of freedom of movement and warm little legs
  • Changing mat with linen changing mat cover for feel-good moments on the changing table

Selected manufacturers for high-quality baby equipment

For all our baby products and the equipment around the baby cot, the pram and the changing table, we have chosen small / family manufacturers, who only bring natural fibres like cotton and linen into direct contact with the newborn's skin.

You will certainly have to be patient for a few more weeks before you can hold and look at your offspring for the first time. You will have to be patient until you can whisper "I love you sweetie" in your newborn’s ear for the first time.

Sweeten the waiting time by dedicating yourself to baby equipment and giving your child the best possible start in life within your own four walls.

We hope you enjoy it.