How the idea of an online shop emerged

The pandemic is a difficult time for all of us, a time that makes us think, that reminds us what’s important in life, in which we finally spend a lot more time together, but also start to worry about our planet and thus also about the future of our children. It was an extraordinary time for us as I carried Taddeo under my heart and prepared the baby equipment in full lockdown. We realized how difficult it was to find products with a beautiful, functional design that were made in in Europe. During this difficult time, we wanted even more to support other mothers and fathers and their companies.

Our mission

  • We would like to enchant Switzerland with new sustainable baby & children brands. Our mission is to select  products:
    – that are made in Europe by small / family-owned companies
    – that are made as much as possible from natural materials
    – where the “quality translates into sustainability”
  • We want to limit ourselves to European products in order to reduce transcontinental transports and CO² and thus make our contribution to the future of our children and our planet. It’s because we want to offer the children only the best, literally and figuratively.
  • If we manage to convince you to buy at least once in our Tadeino Store and make your family happy with our products made with love, it’salready a great success for us. The impact on our planet rests in the hands (and hearts!) of all of us.

Who we are - Nata

Children have always been an important topic in my life. I hold a pedagogical degree as a German teacher and I am Montessori AMI certified (0-3 children).

  • Originally from Poland, thanks to life’s strangest coincidences since over 9 years in Zurich
  • Since ages working in the office, so that I can finally decide to make my dreams come true and to work again for the sake of the children
  • I hover between melancholy, longing and poetry and strongly believe in fate in life
  • I love chocolate (yes, I am in the right place in Switzerland!), a glass of red wine and time with my family

Who we are - Massimo

I grew up in nature among many children and have a master’s degree in mathematics from ETH 

  • Originally from a small alpine village in Ticino, in Zurich for over 15 years
  • Always active in the financial sector and therefore also responsible for the finances of our company
  • I am a realist with a love for numbers and a passionate footballer
  • I love nature and mountains