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Baby Montessori Topponcino – Cream

CHF 49.90

Baby Montessori Topponcino Set – Cream

CHF 79.90

Kids Mirror Cute Forest Animals

CHF 109.90

Mirror Birds White

CHF 109.90

Security through sensory material for babies and children according to Maria Montessori

Supporting babies and children in their development while encouraging their independence is the main idea of Maria Montessori.

Immediately after birth, your baby only has a relationship with you. Together with you, it slowly gets to know the world. You are its anchor point and support in this process. You can support your child's natural striving to learn more and more and to let new impressions have an effect on him or her with natural materials and Montessori learning materials.

With a baby mattress, which is already your companion during pregnancy, you also create a point of reference outside and away from your body that gives your baby relaxation. The relaxation promotes the processing of the impressions gained. Your baby can link new experiences with familiar ones and thus mature.

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The Topponcino in our Montessori Line

In line with Maria Montessori's idea of "Help me do it myself", you will find sensory materials in the Tadeino online shop that are tailored to your baby's needs.

Especially in the first two months of his life, your baby learns to trust his environment. With the Topponcino, offer him the opportunity to get to know the world and his family on a safe baby cushion, especially during these two months. His senses are stimulated with new stimuli in a safe place. Especially in moments when your baby has to do without you for a short time, the Montessori Topponcino made of natural material will give them comfort and security.

Besides, you can decorate the baby bed with the Topponcino baby mattress.

Buy Montessori Sensory Material at Tadeino

Whether it's a baby mattress or toys: In our Montessori Line, you will find the right products to stimulate and encourage your baby's curiosity and attention in the spirit of Maria Montessori. We want you and your child to be happy, so at you can return all ordered items within 14 days of delivery. Of course, we also offer various payment options and free shipping on orders over 150 chf. Discover our Montessori Line now and order conveniently online. We hope you and your child will enjoy it!